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SatGen GNSS Simulation Software

Simulate with SatGen, Replay with LabSat

Create custom scenarios to test your GNSS device or application at any set time, date, speed, route and location.

  • Single, dual, triple, multi-constellation & real-time
  • Wideband GNSS signals in the upper & lower L-Band
  • Compatible with all LabSat systems


Inbuilt Route Mapping

Visually plan routes, set waypoints, and configure GNSS simulations without the need for programming or scripting expertise.

Tailor your routes for roads, pedestrians, railways, or a simple straight line, and work with your preferred map provider (Google, Bing, OpenStreet, or AMap).

User-friendly UI

A new User Interface with intuitive navigation and controls makes it easy to generate trajectory files and minimizes errors.

A relatively complicated route can be defined in just a few clicks, leaving the software to automatically generate a fully realistic scenario. 

Ready-to-use Test Scripts

Save time and effort by using our predefined test scripts which include popular GNSS simulations such as a circle around the North Pole to test latitude and longitude output, a basic rocket trajectory or a figure-of-eight profile. 

Almanac Control

View the almanac contents and change visible satellites and attenuation at the first waypoint on the scenario timeline – a valuable feature to ensure that the GNSS simulation accurately represents the GNSS environment you want to test.

Multiple Output Formats

SatGen Simulation Software is compatible with any LabSat system and will output a GNSS RF I&Q or IF data file for replay. 

You can also choose to create a digital stream that is used by LabSat RT/RT+ to output RF signals with a current or user defined time and date.

Alternatively, export your GNSS simulation scenario in NMEA file format. 

Waypoint-based Testing

Queue and automatically run consecutive scenarios. Whether you are testing in-vehicle GPS navigation units, fleet management solutions, logistics & distribution software, passenger information systems or farming machinery, you can easily create multi-stop routes to evaluate the accuracy, efficiency, and functionality of GNSS-enabled systems. 

What signals can I simulate?

Depending on the software variant and the LabSat used for replay, you can simulate the following GNSS signals: 

SatGen Single Channel (L1/B1/E1)

One at a time of the signals below:
  • GPS L1
  • Galileo E1BC
  • GPS L1 + Galileo E1BC
  • BeiDou B1

SatGen Dual Channel/ Real-Time (L1/B1/E1)

Up to two at a time of the signals below:
  • GPS L1
  • Galileo E1BC
  • GPS L1 + Galileo E1BC
  • BeiDou B1

SatGen Triple Channel (L1/B1/E1)

Up to three at a time of the signals below:
  • GPS L1
  • Galileo E1BC
  • GPS L1 + Galileo E1BC
  • BeiDou B1

SatGen Wideband

All at the same time
  • GPS L1 C/A, L1P, L1M*, L1C, L2C, L2P, L2M*, L5
  • Galileo E1, E5a, E5b, E6
  • BeiDou B1I, B2I, B3I, B1C, B2a, B2b, B2b-PPP
  • NavIC L5 & S-Band

*Noise only

How does SatGen work?

SatGen software helps you to create GNSS test scenarios that mimic the signals transmitted by real GNSS satellites. These scenarios can be replayed with any LabSat, allowing you to evaluate the performance and reliability of GNSS receivers and applications in a wide range of settings and conditions. In a few steps you can create, define and generate a GNSS simulation that you can replay again, and again. 

1) Import/Create Route

Creating GNSS simulations with SatGen is easy.

If you have an NMEA, KML or VBO file of your route, you can simply import this directly into the software.

A relatively complicated route can be defined in just a few clicks using the in-built mapping tool. Scenarios can include static testing or complex routes with multiple waypoints.

Alternatively, you can create a simulation from scratch, adding your own user-defined commands. A library of pre-defined editable scripting examples is provided.

2) Define Conditions

Specify route dynamics, including acceleration levels, jerk rates, speed, or altitude.

Choose between a fixed elevation mask and the true horizon.

Edit custom leap seconds and ionospheric delay parameters.

Apply a geoid or an ellipsoid to your simulation.

Select specific satellites to simulate.

Fine-tune your settings by reducing the signal-to-noise ratio through the addition of artificial noise.

3) Generate Scenario

Leave the software to generate a fully realistic scenario. 

The new SatGen 4 dynamics engine greatly improves the quality and precision of GNSS/ GPS simulations created using the map, with the ability to use road or railway routing in car, train and pedestrian modes.

4) Run Simulation

Connect to any Labsat for replay into your Device under Test (DUT). 
You can either run the simulation as is, with the time set during scenario generation, or if using SatGen & LabSat Real-Time together, you can run the scenario with the current time stamp, giving you GNSS signals in real-time.

LabSat Real-Time+ will produce a live, low-latency GNSS RF signal that corresponds to the positional data supplied by a third-party application, such as HIL simulator. 

SatGen for Automotive & Transportation

Use SatGen GNSS Simulation Software to create bespoke, multi-stop scenarios at the time, date, and location of your choosing.

Multi-stop routes
Navigation and positioning accuracy, efficiency, and route planning are crucial in automotive simulations. SatGen allows you to create bespoke, multi-stop scenarios at the time, date, and location of your choosing. You can queue and automatically run consecutive scenarios.

Waypoint-specific customisation
With the new waypoint specific features in SatGen 4 you can easily define speed, delays and apex distance limits for each waypoint you set.

Constellation information at the first waypoint
Having access to detailed constellation information at the first waypoint, such as the number of satellites in view, their azimuth, and elevation angles, means you can conduct tests with greater precision, reduced testing time, and ultimately, a more successful and efficient testing process.

Visual route creation
The intuitive mapping tool helps you ensure that the test route accurately reflects real-world driving conditions, including roads, intersections, and specific points of interest. It also allows you to simulate a wide range of driving scenarios, with route dynamics like Car, Rail, Bicycle or Pedestrian being automatically populated when used with Google Maps.

Quick location search
There’s no need to know specific coordinates, you can search a location by name or address for quick navigation.

SatGen for Space

Create customized GNSS simulations for launch, in-orbit and re-entry trajectories, at the time, date, and location of your choosing.

No limits on speed or altitude 
SatGen can be employed to assess space qualified receivers which play a critical role in providing accurate position, navigation, and timing for spacecrafts and instruments operating in space. You can easily create a GNSS simulation from a trajectory, including any speed and altitude, up to geostationary orbit. This is ideal for simulating rocket launches, CubeSat deployments, satellites, or space probes. 

True horizon elevation mask 
The true horizon elevation mask mode within SatGen calculates the horizon's position from each point in your trajectory and increases the number of visible satellites accordingly.

Atmospheric model  
SatGen has the option to add ionospheric and tropospheric delays to the simulation. Understanding these delays can help ensure accurate position determination and trajectory control when designing missions involving space vehicles. 

Leap Seconds  
You can also include past leap seconds or add a new leap second into your scenario to ensure that spacecraft systems remain synchronized with ground-based time standards. 

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You will receive a full copy of the SatGen software, which is restricted to GPS-only scenarios (no other constellations) up to a length of 120 seconds.  

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