Last updated: 12/2018

LabSat 3 Firmware

Version: 01.09b1099
Upgrade Instructions

NOTE: Only LabSat 3 customers with unit serial numbers 033353 or above can use firmware version 01.05b1033 and higher to enable CAN arbitration.

LabSat 3 customers with unit serial numbers lower than 033353 that have not been upgraded (purchased before the end of March 2014) will need to send the unit in for an upgrade.

For more information on the remote control function please contact your distributor or write to labsat@racelogic

Last updated: 06/2015

LabSat 2 / LabSat Software

Version: 2.8.0
Installation for Windows

Last updated: 12/2014


Version: 1.2b78
Required to upgrade LabSat 2

Last updated: 02/2014

LabSat 3 PC Comms Driver


LabSat 3 Communication Drivers are required to connect a Windows PC to the LabSat for NMEA data via the A to B USB cable.

Last updated: 02/2014

SatGen v3 Software

Version: 3.11.39
PC requirements

SatGen version 3.11.39 with Galileo has the Carrier to Noise ratio setting removed due to technical difficulties with multiple constellations on the same frequency.

If you require the previous software version (without Galileo) which has the carrier to noise included. Please download here.

This is a full version of SatGen which runs with the dongle (?) you receive when purchasing the software. Without the dongle the software is restricted to run for only 120 seconds when creating GPS only scenarios.