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Learn how an automotive company was able to accurately demonstrate in-car GPS mapping whilst in the confines of a building that blocked all external GNSS RF signals using a LabSat simulator

The Problem

Most people will have experienced the frustration of poor cell phone reception when attending exhibitions and trade fairs. This is caused in part by the building’s metallic structure blocking signals between the phone and nearby Cell site. Similarly users of location-based services and GPS-enabled devices more often experience a complete lack of satellite signal acquisition.

Signal obstruction from nearby tall buildings and other interference can further complicate the issue by providing false signals and interference rendering the use of GPS-enabled technology a near impossibility.

This is a major issue for exhibitors wanting to show GPS-enabled products and systems or services at events.

The Solution

Any company selling GNSS-enabled technology will at some point want to demonstrate their products at a trade show or exhibition and without the ability to locate and lock onto a specific satellite constellation can make for a lacklustre demonstration. The solution is to use the LabSat 3 simulator.

Lightweight, portable and cost effective, the LabSat 3 simulators can easily be transported to and from exhibitions in a briefcase or backpack. The simple installation means demonstration devices can be receiving pre-recorded or simulated signals in minutes.

“Without the LabSat controlling the GPS, the signal inside the hall was jumping to random places on the earth, making demonstration of the SatNav system almost impossible. Once we fired up the LabSat, we had a stable and predictable GPS signal allowing us to demonstrate all the features without interruption.”

Marketing Manager for a major vehicle manufacturer

The Outcome

Companies with GNSS-enabled technology can exhibit their products with complete confidence that their devices can receive a GPS signal by using the cost effective LabSat 3 Record & Replay simulator with scenario files up to 8 hours in duration.

LabSat 3 Record & Replay is:

  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Simple to use
  • Consistently reliable

Other customers

LabSat systems are used daily across the world by companies including:


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