GNSS Chip Manufacture

The Problem

With four major global navigation satellite systems now in operation, each transmitting on multiple frequencies, the signals available for state of the art GNSS receivers has exploded in recent years.

A major manufacturer was recently faced with the challenge of how to test each of these signals on their new GNSS receiver prototype in a controlled and repeatable fashion.

The test engineers also wanted to ensure that the prototype would function anywhere around the world.

The Solution

LabSat 3 for repeatable tests time after time

The test engineers used a combination of a LabSat 3 Wideband and SatGen simulation software to make the testing process significantly easier and less time consuming.

Simulations of the major constellations and all their different signals could be created and used for testing time and time again from one central test location.

The Test Process

The team first used SatGen to pick a geographical location for the simulation and then set a duration for the test. They then chose a time and date and which signals they wanted to simulate.

SatGen created the orbits and generated a ‘scenario’ data file which was then transferred to the LabSat 3 Wideband device. Once loaded onto the LabSat the scenario could be played over and over to test the prototype receiver.

Dynamic Scenarios

Further testing required the test engineers to create moving scenarios and this was achieved by using an NMEA file (although SatGen also accepts Google Earth files). SatGen then automatically created a realistic motion simulation using the file and generated the necessary data to be replayed on the LabSat 3.

“We now use a LabSat Wideband which allows us to test accurately and repeat those same tests time and time again using all of the major constellations and modernised signals all without having to venture outside!”

Test Engineer, GNSS chip manufacturer

Other customers

LabSat systems are used daily across the world by chip manufacturers including:


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