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OEM navigation system manufacturers for the automotive industry face a wide variety of challenges when testing their designs.


Find out how a LabSat 3 Wideband and turntable was used to solve a customer's problem of how to simulate wheel speed data and rate of turn within the confines of their test facility on a consistent, repeatable basis.

The Problem

To cover for losses in satellite visibility most OEM navigation systems have a dead reckoning capability. This utilises vehicle wheel speed data and rate of turn information to provide the system with a guide to the vehicle’s current location when GPS signals are not available.

When it comes to testing these systems on the bench however, if the dead reckoning signals are not present the navigation unit will not function correctly.

This was a problem faced by a major car manufacturer when trying to replicate a scenario in inner city Tokyo where urban canyons, bridges and tunnels block satellite signals.

The Solution

To overcome these obstructions LabSat developed a full navigation testing solution to both record and replay real world scenarios or simulate scenarios created by the test engineers.
The LabSat’s ability to connect directly to the vehicle’s CAN Bus provides engineers with the opportunity to record a scenario along with the integrated wheel speed and rate of turn data.

A real-world insight into the recorded scenario can also be captured using a time synchronised Video VBOX, a device which combines a four camera video system with a 20Hz GPS data logger.

The connected Inertial device uses three gyros and three accelerometers to provide accurate yaw rate measurements.

The engineers recorded scenarios which they were then able to recreate at the test facility using a LabSat Turntable system and laptop, with the system capable of synchronising GPS replay and video files whilst replaying directional and speed data through the turntable unit.

Where engineers were prohibited from recording specific scenarios, for example at locations on other continents, they were able to create GPS files using LabSat’s SatGen simulation software. On replay the LabSat 3 Extension software’s CAN output plugin was used to generate the CAN data required to complete the simulated scenario.

LabSat Turntable System

The Outcome

Tests produced were able to replicate all aspects of a working OEM navigation system including the information received and bug test accordingly all from within the confines of the test facility.

More over engineers were able to repeat the exact scenario time and time again until they were happy with the outcome without the need for costly field testing.

Other customers

LabSat systems are used daily across the world by automobile manufacturers including:

Land Rover

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