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Discover the new SatGen 4

5 October 2023

We are delighted to announce the release of our new SatGen 4 GNSS simulation software.

The greatly enhanced user interface (UI) and the automated route drawing feature allow for near effortless generation of complex scenario routes. By adding the option to modify characteristics for each waypoint, designing scenarios with SatGen 4 offers versatility and the ability to truly customize GNSS test scenarios.

SatGen 4 is a new software that entirely replaces SatGen V3. If you already own a SatGen licence, you will be able to use your current dongle to generate SatGen scenarios in SatGen 4.

New Features

  • All new UI
  • Improved automated route drawing with choices between Car, Rail, Bicycle or Pedestrian mode
  • Improved straight line routing with waypoint specific customization features including speed, delays and apex distance limit
  • Location search, by names or address for quick navigation
  • Option to select map providers, Google, Bing, AMap or Open Street
  • Option to queue and automatically generate consecutive scenarios.
  • View of almanac content
  • Detailed constellation information at the first waypoint, including Satellites in view, Azimuth and elevation
  • New signals, GPS L1C and all BeiDou 3rd Generation signals B1C, B2a, B2b, B2b-PPP.
  • Scripting option with syntax prompt

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