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Recorded Event Files from Galileo Outage

Following the recent week-long outage of Europe's GNSS constellation, Galileo, LabSat are able to offer three one hour long files recorded during the period for test purposes.

The event on July 11 at 01.00 hrs UTC, a result of a 'technical incident' within the ground-based infrastructure caused a temporary interruption to the globally available Galileo navigation and timing service with the exception of Galileo's SAR (Search & Rescue) offering. Normal services were largely restored on Tuesday 16th July at 19.00 hrs UTC.

The files are freely available for download via the links below and are suitable for replay through a LabSat 3 (.ls3 format). LabSat 3 Wideband users will need to convert the files accordingly.

The full data set is available from Wednesday 10th July at 14.20 hrs UTC to Tuesday 16th July at 19.07 hrs (UTC). This data set of 143 files in one-hour recorded files is about 4.2 TB of data and can only be transferred on a SSD. This will be a chargeable item for the media used. Please contact for further details.

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