LabSat Product Overview

The LabSat 3, LabSat 3 Wideband, LabSat Real-Time and the SatGen simulation software are designed to satisfy a broad and diverse range of GPS/GNSS test requirements and scenarios.

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LabSat Hardware

LabSat 3 Wideband

  • Record & Replay
  • Multiple Constellations
  • 2, 4 or 6 bit Quantisation
  • Multiple Frequencies
  • Removable Battery
  • External Data Recording
  • Web Configuration Interface
  • API Available
  • Internal TCXO & OXCO

LabSat 3

  • Record & Replay
  • Multiple L1 Constellations
  • 2 or 4 bit Quantisation
  • Removable Battery
  • External Data Recording
  • API Available



LabSat Real-Time

  • Record & Replay
  • 1 & 2 Constellations
  • 2 or 4 bit Quantisation
  • Real-time RF signal streaming
  • Includes SatGen software



LabSat Software


  • Create RF GNSS Signals
  • Use any time, date, position
  • Create Static or dynamic scenarios
  • Import the almanac of the day
  • Create different bit levels
  • Import NMEA, KML, VBO route files
  • Define your scenario with user commands

LabSat Extensions

  • GNSS Monitor to display scenario NMEA
  • Video sync with scenario position
  • Serial proxy for control of USB ports
  • Turntable control module
  • Turntable module USB to CAN
  • Turntable module speed pulse generator
  • FREE



Scenario Converter

  • Play old scenario files on new hardware
  • Convert LabSat scenario files to different formats
  • Convert (*.bin), (*.ls2), (*.ls3) files
  • Safe and secure file format conversion
  • FREE

Learn about SatGen GNSS simulation software

Create your own custom GNSS RF I&Q or IF data files.

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