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Test your Fleet Telematics system with LabSat GNSS simulators

LabSat GNSS simulators offer multi-constellation and multi-frequency capabilities for reliable, repeatable, and consistent testing. 

Lightweight and portable, LabSat is perfectly designed for easy recording of live-sky signals, allowing you to test your device repeatedly with a scenario that represents its use in the real-world. 

Alternatively, use our SatGen simulation software to create bespoke, multi-stop scenarios at the time, date, and location of your choosing. 

Discover why LabSat is the perfect partner for testing fleet management and telematics systems, including: 

  • Record and synchronise CAN bus data to your GNSS signals
  • Use a video VBOX to synchronise video streams
  • Create multi-stop scenarios to test route-planning & geofencing
  • Test performance in urban canyons and multi-path interference
  • Affordable solution with prices starting at just $6,045

Synchronise with CAN bus and video streams

LabSat 4 can record data including dual CAN bus, CAN FD, RS232 and digital signals. Recorded data is tightly synchronised to GNSS signals, allowing for realistic recreation of wheel-speed and gyro data in applications such as telematics or navigation system development.

For V2X systems, braking and signalling information can be recorded and replayed alongside GNSS signals.

A Video VBOX can be used in combination with LabSat to record synchronised video of the test route. This helps to identify the effect of external conditions on your device, such as why exactly was there a drop-out or multi-path reflection at a particular point in the test, and what caused it?

Multi-stop scenarios for geofencing & route planning

SatGen is our GNSS simulation software that allows you to create custom scenarios at any time, date and location of your choosing. Simply draw a route in Google Maps, build a trajectory using user-defined commands or upload an NMEA, KML or VBO File and SatGen will generate a GNSS scenario of that route. 

SatGen is ideal when you need to test your device in locations you are unable to visit. You can add timed stops along the way to simulate delivery and collection points, and create specific scenarios to test geofencing parameters.  

Your scenario can also include the crossing of time zones, leap seconds or roll-overs to test how your device would perform in these conditions. 

Test performance in challenging, real-world environments

The dynamic nature of GNSS constellations and environmental variances bring a lack of consistency and repeatability to live-sky test programmes.

By using a LabSat to record live-sky signals in an environment representative of the most challenging locations – like an urban downtown street with an obscured view of the sky and multi-path interference – you can test your device accurately and consistently with a realistic scenario.

Additionally, LabSat’s Application Programming Interface (API) provides control and testing automation as scenarios can be programmed to automatically repeat or play in a set order. This improves efficiency by allowing significant testing programmes to be run continuously, without the need of human supervision.

For more information about how LabSat can work for you and to find out if you are eligible for a 14 day free trial, simply complete this enquiry form and your local retailer will be in touch.

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