LabSat / Cambium Networks 案例研究

适合全球制造厂点的 GNSS 生产线测试

保持全球制造厂点的品质标准依赖于精确、一致且易于使用和控制的生产线测试。Cambium Networks 的数据无线电收发机在全球多个地点制造,现已求助 LabSat 为其定制的生产线测试解决方案提供全球导航卫星系统 (GNSS) 能力。


Cambium Networks 设计和制造点对点和点对多点的数据无线电收发机,其中一些包括 GPS 接收器。这些接收器用于为每个无线电收发机提供通用定时参考和位置,从而可实现精确的延时计算及精确、一致的数据传送和接收参考。这意味着该系统可被管理,并且可在必要时调整传送/接收窗口以改善数据吞吐量。

生产线测试对于确保每个无线电收发机功能正常及符合所有精确标准至关重要 – 发生在安装地点的成本昂贵的故障是无法容忍的。由于无线电收发机在全球多个地点制造,Cambium Networks 需要定制的生产线测试解决方案,以在任一制造厂点提供精确和一致的测试,以及允许从位于其他国家的办公室进行远程控制。

Cambium Networks

Connecting the Unconnected

Cambium Networks builds bridges across the digital divide, offering industry leading wireless broadband solutions to connect people, places and things.

Their Point to Point and Multi-Point radios are employed in data network backhaul and ‘last mile’ Gigabit broadband Internet delivery where cable or fibre is not a feasible solution.

Offices: Rolling Meadows, IL, USA (Head Office). Bangalore, India. Ashburton, UK. San Jose, CA, USA.

Employees: 500+ worldwide



Cambium Networks 决定设计一套包含集诚 GNSS 模拟器的定制测试架解决方案。经过评估一系列市售产品后,他们选择 LabSat 3 作为其首选模拟器。来自 Cambium Networks 的 Nick McVernon 解释了他们为何选择 LabSat 3:

“LabSat 3 的技术能力可满足我们的所有需求,并能选择单个星座,仅回放 (Replay Only) 型号为我们提供支付得起的解决方案,而且无需购买包含我们不需要的功能的高端模拟器。LabSat 的小巧尺寸对于我们而言也至关重要,因为这样它就能安装在标准尺寸的机架上,从而可十分轻松地集成至我们的装置中。“
Cambium Networks 测试系统开发部 Nick McVernon

Cambium Networks 使用 19 英寸的机架系统制造精致的解决方案以满足其测试需求,其中包含集成的 LabSat GNSS 模拟器,可连接至多达四个测试装置。它们的“一体式”设计使其易于部署于全球制造厂点,并可防止篡改 –确保他们保持中央控制能力。正如 Nick 解释说,这是一项重要的设计特征。由于具有全球化生产基地,至关重要的是 Cambium Networks 能远程控制机架以避免差旅需求,并确保所用测试信号的一致性。

“可通过以太网和使用 API 控制连接至 LabSat 的能力对于我们而言十分理想,LabSat的‘随插即用’特征协助简化了流程。”
Cambium Networks 测试系统开发部 Nick McVernon
Automated testing assembly including a rack mounted LabSat 3
Automated testing assembly including a rack mounted LabSat 3
V3K Test Fixture
LabSat 3 mounted inside a 19" U2 Rack mount with a 4 Way GNSS splitter & Ethernet connection
19" U2 Rack Mount solution containing LabSat 3
V1000 Test Fixture

LabSat 3 GNSS Simulator

LabSat 3 is the most affordable, portable and versatile multi-constellation GNSS simulator on the market.
  • Highly capable with one-touch Record & Replay of signal combinations including GPS L1, Galileo E1, GLONASS G1 and BeiDou B1
  • Only pay for capabilities you need with a wide range of specifications to choose from
  • Invest with confidence - easy to install upgrade options ensures LabSat 3 can grow alongside your future requirements
  • Small and portable – for when size does matter
  • Easy to use and integrate into test systems
  • Affordable with prices starting from $4,990

LabSat – your ideal test partner in any location

Originally designed by Racelogic engineers to test and develop Racelogic’s own GNSS devices, the signature LabSat blue box is now a common sight on test benches across the word. Our ethos of ‘Designed by engineers, for engineers’ extends beyond LabSat’s technical capabilities, our customers also benefit from:

  • Free firmware updates to ensure our customers stay up to date with all the latest developments.
  • Excellent customer service with extensive, straight forward support documentation available online and an easy to access support service delivered by expert technicians.
  • Global distribution network to provide local guidance and service