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LabSat 3

  Change Log
LabSat 3 Firmware (.zip) 01.04b956 05/2014

NOTE: Only LabSat 3 customers with unit serial numbers 033353 or above can use this upgrade (v01.04b956) to enable remote control.

LabSat 3 customers with unit serial numbers lower than 033353 (purchased before the end of March 2014) will need to send the unit in for an upgrade.

For more information on the remote control function please contact your distributor or labsat@racelogic

How do you run the update?

1) Download the zip file by clicking on 'LabSat 3 Firmware'.
2) Unzip and extract the .UPGRADE file.
3) Place the .UPGRADE file in the root directory of an SD card
(not in the media or any other folder).
4) Power up the LabSat 3 unit.
5) Load the SD card into the front panel.

  Change Log
LabSat 3 PC Comms Driver (.zip) 02/2014

If you want to use USB (A to B) NMEA output on a Windows PC, please install the LabSat comms driver prior to using.

  Change Log
Labsat Vid Sync (.zip) 06/2014

LabSat and LabSat 2

Change Log
LabSat & LabSat 2 Software - Installation for Windows 2.7.1 07/2014
LabSat 2 Firmware 2.0 11/2012
Racelogic Upgrader - Required to upgrade LabSat 2 10/2012

Step by Step instructions to upgrade LabSat 2