LabSat Test Enclosure

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The LabSat Test Enclosure allows for secure screened testing away from any live RF signals, ideal when working with devices that do not have an external antenna connector - such as wearables, smartphones, and sports/fitness trackers.

GNSS Enclosure

When testing a product which only has an internal antenna, simulator rebroadcast must be separated from live GNSS signals; however, their retransmission in an open environment is generally severely restricted and comes with inherent issues:

  • The test is subject to interference from other RF sources (including real GNSS signals).
  • In many countries, radiation of GNSS signals is not legal.
  • Radiation may interfere with other equipment and systems.
  • There is little control for consistent results.
  • Tests may be subject to considerable multipath from nearby reflective surfaces.

A fully screened RF room is very expensive to install and use, so the portable enclosure offers a convenient, controlled, and affordable test solution.

GNSS Enclosure Antenna

The LabSat Test enclosure is constructed of 0.090 Aluminium, with exactly machined tolerances throughtout to maintain an RF-tight environment.

Signal isolation is ensured through 'double lip' sealing, heavy-duty hinge covers that open precisely with use of an air piston, and an RF absorbent foam lining with 24dB attenuation. Access to the equipment inside – which can be clearly observed through the large viewing window – is via ultra-fine mesh gloves that provide high manual dexterity.

A pair of low voltage lamps, powered by the RF filtered AC supply, illuminate the interior, and a precision machined I/O panel contains RF SMA and USB connections.

To allow for accurate and consistent testing a GNSS average length dipole antenna and an application note detailing correct test procedures, together with an 8 GB SD memory card containing a SatGen V3 GPS artificial scenario to allow for GPS testing down to -150 dB, are included.

Download the product leaflet.