SatGen v3From LabSat, the most cost effective GNSS simulator available, comes SatGen V3.

SatGen is a powerful and intuitive software package that gives you the ability to create GNSS scenarios for replay through any LabSat simulator – and now it includes BeiDou!

The software creates either user generated or imported trajectory files for use with a LabSat. The addition of the BeiDou B1 signals means that you can now test your device’s effectiveness as if it were being used within the operating area of the Chinese constellation – which at present only provides full coverage in Asia.

The BeiDou constellation is set to become globally operational by 2020. With the new SatGen you can create scenarios that include signals from satellites yet to be launched, so that you can develop new products in readiness for the full constellation.

SatGen V3 can produce scenarios with one, two, or three sets of signals being simultaneously output: GPS, GLONASS, and now BeiDou. If you have a triple constellation LabSat 3 the software now matches the record and replay abilities of your hardware.

If you’ve never used SatGen before, why not try it out? Our free to use demo version is available from here.

To purchase a full copy please contact your LabSat distributor.

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