Latest SatGen Release with Anti-Spoofing Flag Feature

Latest SatGen Release with Anti-Spoofing Flag Feature In the latest release of our SatGen GNSS simulation software, the anti-spoofing flag transmitted in the GPS L1C/A navigation message is now automatically set depending on the selected signals. This feature has been developed as some receiver models are unable to return a position if the anti-spoofing flag is OFF. ON: When L1C/A is simulated, but neither L1P nor L2P, the anti-spoofing flag is ON. This tells the receiver that the encrypted Y-Code is transmitted instead of the public P-Code on L1 and L2. Although SatGen does not simulate...

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SatGen now with NavIC (IRNSS)

SatGen now with NavIC (IRNSS) The latest update to our SatGen GNSS simulation software for PC now incorporates NavIC RF simulation. Designed to create custom GNSS RF I&Q or IF data files based on user-generated trajectories, the updated software can now accurately simulate the Indian NavIC GNSS satellite constellation alongside existing GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou RF signal generation. The new release, SatGen v3 version 3.12.5, includes full support for simulating the NavIC L5 signal. Alongside this we have released SatGen v3 BETA version 3.12.6, that includes support for simulating...

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Record and Replay GPS III with LabSat

Record & Replay GPS III with LabSat Earlier this month the first GPS III satellite (SVN74) was designated as healthy by the US Air Force Second Space Operations (2SOPS) and is actively transmitting a new GPS civilian signal identified as L1C. As part of the future-proof technology, all LabSat units can record and replay the L1C signal (transmitted on the L1-band at 1575.42MHz) for receiver and device testing. The increased bandwidth offered by LabSat 3 Wideband enables the whole L1C signal to be captured which may be required for certain testing due to the difference in signal structure...

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A Guide to Galileo

A Guide to Galileo If you are involved in any way with products or services that utilise satellite positioning, navigation or timing, then you will have heard about Galileo, and I’m not talking about the Italian astronomer namesake! However, if you are confused about what Galileo is, why it’s important and how you can get yourself Galileo ready, then you have come to the right place! Galileo is the European Union’s (EU) global navigation satellite system (GNSS). In December 2016 Galileo officially moved from testing phase to the declaration of Initial Services and is expected to...

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