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Terms & Conditions

  1. You are not limited to the number of referrals you submit – if you think a LabSat would be of use to others then please spread the word. However, you can only make one referral per prospect company.
  2. To qualify for a free copy of SatGen software, your referral must result in a purchase of a LabSat within six months of the date you submitted it to us.
  3. The SatGen software version will be sent to you on receipt of confirmed dispatch of the purchase and will be dictated by the LabSat serial number you provide on the referral form (ie if you have a LabSat 3 dual constellation then the SatGen V3 software variant will be the dual constellation).
  4. Your LabSat serial number is also your unique referral number and all orders resulting from your referral must reference this number.
  5. If the same individual or organisation is referred to us by multiple customers, we will award the free SatGen software based on the first referral we received.
  6. Referring someone from within your own company location will not qualify for the free SatGen software offer but it will enable us to provide useful information on LabSat to your colleagues.
  7. The free SatGen software exclusion also applies to all Racelogic and affiliates employees including all LabSat authorised dealers.
  8. Management decisions are final and are not subject to challenge or dispute.