Test your rail systems and devices with LabSat GNSS Simulators

LabSat GNSS simulators offer multi-constellation and multi-frequency capabilities for reliable, repeatable, and consistent testing.

Lightweight and portable, LabSat is perfectly designed for easy recording of live-sky signals, allowing you to test your device repeatedly with a scenario that represents its use in the real-world.

Alternatively, use our SatGen simulation software to create bespoke, multi-stop scenarios at the time, date, and location of your choosing.

Discover below why LabSat is the perfect partner for testing GNSS rail systems and devices including:

  • Create multi-stop scenarios to test realistic rail routes or passenger information systems
  • Test performance with multi-path interference or restricted view of the sky
  • Run real-time scenarios or test at any time, date and location
  • Test and validate receivers based on position on the line, speed and number of satellites in view
  • Discover why LabSat is ideal for home and office

Do you need to create multi-stop scenarios to test realistic rail routes or passenger information systems?

SatGen is our GNSS simulation software that allows you to create custom scenarios at any time, date and location of your choosing.

SatGen is ideal when you need to test your device in locations you are unable to visit and the multi-stop feature allows you to add stops along the route, of varying times, to simulate time spent at a station or any other stop.

Your scenario can also include the crossing of time zones, leap seconds or roll-overs to test how your device would perform in these conditions.

If you require real-time testing, LabSat Real-Time generates GNSS RF signals with a current time stamp anywhere in the world.

Do you want to know how well your device will work in areas with multi-path interference or a restricted view of the sky?

Testing your device in the real-world environment it is designed to operate within is often unrealistic in terms of time and cost and cannot offer reliable and repeatable test parameters due to the dynamic nature of GNSS constellations.

By using a LabSat to record live-sky signals in an environment representative of the most challenging locations – like an urban route with an obscured view of the sky and multi-path interference – you can test your device accurately and consistently with a realistic recorded scenario.

Alternatively, for routes with a restricted view of the sky due to trees, cuttings, or embankments, you can use the elevation mask mode in SatGen to replicate these conditions.

Are you looking for an easy to use, flexible and accurate GNSS testing solution?

LabSat GNSS simulators are compact yet powerful, offering ideal capabilities for product development testing. The product range – starting at single channel (L1), replay only and ranging up to multi-frequency, record and replay – ensures you can select the model best suited to your requirements without paying for capabilities you don’t need.

LabSat is also a highly effective production line testing solution. It is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with wider test system set-ups for both conducted and radiated testing.

The Application Programming Interface (API) provides control and testing automation as scenarios can be programmed to automatically repeat or play in a set order. This improves efficiency by allowing significant testing programmes to be run continuously, without the need of human supervision.

Further efficiency can also be gained by testing multiple devices at once with a single LabSat. Adding an RF splitter into your test set-up allows multiple devices to receive the same test signal.

Are you working from home but need to continue testing your GPS enabled device and easily collaborate with colleagues?

LabSat is your ideal testing partner for remote working – it takes up very little space on your desk, it is easy to transfer between home and office, the single button replay interface could not be simpler, and you can easily collaborate with colleagues by sharing scenario files over the internet.

With prices starting from $5,495, it is an affordable, flexible testing solution anywhere you need to work.

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