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A full navigation testing solution

LabSat 3 Turntable System by RACELOGIC is an effective and affordable GNSS Navigation Dead Reckoning (DR) Simulator.

If you are selling, testing or developing dead reckoning (DR) products incorporating GPS engines, then you'll find the LabSat 3 Turntable System makes your job easier, quicker and more effective. 

Record and Replay CAN and Serial data with LabSat

Up until now, LabSat 3 has been able to record data from two separate CAN Buses into a digitised format. Now it is possible to record CAN signals into a simple text file which is saved into the same directory as that of the GNSS data. The advantage to CAN arbitration is that when it is replayed onto a Bus it does so without ‘speaking’ over the top of all other traffic, thereby avoiding Bus errors.

Individual CAN frames can also be filtered so that only a selection of IDs are recorded.

Develop Wearable GPS technology with LabSat 3

LabSat 3 GPS simulators can be used to easily develop and test 'wearable' devices that use GPS to monitor performance (Video with captions).

Read our 'wearables' case study here.

GPS Simulation Testing with LabSat 3 Record and Replay System

LabSat 3 demo video. Our multi-constellation simulator records and replays real world data, allowing realistic and repeatable testing to be carried out under controlled conditions.

LabSat 3 Quick Start Guide

LabSat 3 most affordable, portable, and versatile multi-constellation Global Navigation Satellite Simulator on the market.

Developing Navigation Systems using real-world GPS and vehicle data

Racelogic have developed a full navigation system testing solution which is able to synchronize GPS replay and video files whilst replaying directional and speed data through the turntable unit. Real-world testing is further enhanced with the use of simulated dead reckoning signals from the vehicle. The Turntable Solution also allows for yaw sensor information to be included.

How to Record and Replay with Labsat 2

By recording live GPS signals Labsat is able to replay them into any GPS device to allow for repeated testing. This gives a consistency, reliability and repeatability that is just impossible with repeated field testing.

Labsat Video Synchronisation Demonstration

This video clip shows a demonstration of a LabSat replaying a recorded scenario of the GPS RF data into a TomTom SatNav and a Video VBOX video replayed in synchronisation with the TomTom. You can see that the SatNav is following the exact route of the video.

See more videos on our LabSat YouTube Channel.

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