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LabSat GNSS simulators are designed and manufactured by RACELOGIC Ltd., experts in the field of GPS testing and data logging.

A British company with offices in the US, Germany and Sweden, RACELOGIC supplies specialised GNSS-based test equipment to corporations in over 80 countries around the world.

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The LabSat Product Range

At RACELOGIC we understand the needs, requirements and challenges you face when testing GPS/GNSS enabled devices, whether you're building a spaceship or designing a fitness tracker, there's a LabSat system ready to make your job easier, quicker and more cost effective.

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LabSat 3 Wideband

Multiple frequencies and constellations

With wide bandwidth recording up to 56 MHz, three frequency channels, and 6 bit sampling, LabSat 3 Wideband can handle almost any combination of satellite constellation and signal that exists today.

Better still its design is futureproof with plenty of spare capacity for upcoming planned signals.

LabSat 3

Portable, cost effective & accurate

The LabSat 3 is Racelogic’s most affordable, portable and versatile multi-constellation GPS/GNSS simulator on the market.

Simple to use one touch recording and with its small, rugged, anodised aluminium construction, the LabSat 3 is as much at home out in the field as it is in the lab and a favourite with engineers who require a reliable, repeatable and consistent testing solution.


Create your own simulated scenarios

SatGen software for PC gives you the ability to design and generate complex simulated GNSS scenarios for any satellite constellation at any time and location around the world.

Available in single and multi-frequency/multi-constellation versions, SatGen allows you to precisely control the data content and create a ‘gold standard’ file for your product testing plan.

LabSat Real-Time

Replay satellite signals in real-time

If you are developing, testing or selling products incorporating GNSS L1 engines then Racelogic’s LabSat Real-Time will make your job quicker, easier and more effective.

Coming in two variants, the Record & Replay and the Replay Only, each is able to output a variety of dual constellation signals to suit your individual requirements.

Why use GPS simulation?

Industry Sectors

LabSat products are used across the world by companies and organisations that span a wide variety of industry sectors from wearable technology and GNSS receivers to unmanned aircraft and space exploration.

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Our Customers

LabSat products are used daily by over 800+ companies, representing many different industry sectors, from all around the world, including:

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