SatGen v3 Software History

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3.11.3 - February 2018
Feature: Error message is now displayed when simulation engine detects an invalid almanac file (selected in the SatGen UI).
Feature: Error message is now displayed when simulation engine detects an empty trajectory.
SatGen UI Bugfix: LabSat 3 Wideband output filename had two dots after being edited manually
SatGen UI Bugfix: example scenarios were broken (Square, Figure of Eight)
SatGen UI Bugfix: German VBO file issues (comma as a decimal point still present in the nmeaInput.txt file)
SatGen UI Bugfix: NMEA file written by SatGen had the East and West swapped
SatGen UI Bugfix: if you set the simulation output to NMEA, if the file already existed, it wasn't overwritten
SatGen UI Bugfix: the velocity and acceleration values in rawoutput.txt didn't match the units in the header (the values were in cm/s and cm/s2 instead of m/s and m/s2)
SatGen UI Bugfix: generated nmeaInput.txt was longer than the defined scenario length, it contained extra samples rounding up to a whole second
Bugfix: problem with reading geoid separation from the configuration file Profile.txt.  It seems NMEA option was not working.
Almanac loading routines rewritten.
Bugfix: broken LabSat 1 output.  The *.bin files didn't have the LS1 intermediate frequency applied and the resulting signal was unstable.
Bugfix: broken LabSat2 RealTime simulation for BeiDou and Glonass.  Only GPS was working correctly.

3.10.7 - November 2017
Bug fix: UI - VBO file import was swapping East with West.

3.10.6 - October 2017
Bug fix: UI - File extension from a cancelled attempt to load a KLM or VBO file was displayed when loading an NMEA file.
Bugfix: UI - Height command with metres was freezing the software and throwing "Out of Memory" error, validation message now present.
Bug fix: UI - Comma was not accepted as a decimal point when loading VBO files.
Bug fix: The default almanacs for BeiDou were outdated.  A new almanac has been added "BDS_20170822.alm" and it is automatically selected for simulations starting on 1st July 2016 and after.
Bug fix: Output files were sometimes longer than the scheduled simulation time.
Bug fix: UI - wrong distance written to the NMEA file when executing the following commands: speed=72@100m wait 4s. One NMEA sample was missing.
Bug fix: Wrong GPS L1C/A subframe was transmitted just before midnight on Saturday/Sunday night (GPS week boundary).
Feature: Support added for NMEA files with lat/long expressed as fractional degrees.
Bug fix: Simulations which were just a few seconds long were crashing.
Feature: LabSat 3 Wideband output added. 1, 2 and 3bit quantisation is available for up to 3 constellations at a time in LS3W format.
Feature: 2-bit and 3-bit files now use the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to maintain the optimum level of quantisation.
Optimization: Performance improved by 48%. RealTime performance on machines with 2 or more physical processors improved by 68%.
Bug fix: Glonass accuracy has been greatly improved (pseudorange residuals dropped from 3-7m to 0.5-2m).  
Bug fix: GPS and BDS receivers were losing satellite lock for up to one minute on a week boundary (around midnight on Saturday/Sunday night).
Bug fix: Occasional 2-second dropouts of individual satellites starting to occur after 5-6 minutes of simulation.
Feature: BeiDou GEO satellites (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5) are now implemented.  Note that they will only be simulated for LabSat 3 Wideband.
Feature: Due to performance optimisations the maximum permitted trajectory height is 2000km (1243 miles).  
Feature: LabSat2 and LabSat3 files now include the version of SatGen in the file header. LabSat 3 Wideband .ini files now have the SatGen version written to their [notes] section.
Bug fix: All output file names were lowercase even if the typed in output names were using Capital Letters.
Bug fix: 1-bit RealTime output was broken on all machines.
Bug fix: Both 1-bit single constellation RealTime output and 1-bit single constellation files were broken on machines with 2 physical processors.
Bug fix: "Link sliders" in RealTime mode was not working if it was already ticked on startup.
Feature: Double-clicking a signal level slider in Real Time mode moves it to its maximum value.

3.8.4 - August 2016
Bug fix: UI - Fix google maps.
Feature: Real Time Simulation implemented. 

3.3.3 - September 2015
Bug fix: 1 bit BDS and GLONASS files not working.
Bug fix: unable to create 3 constellation scenarios for LabSat3.
Bug fix: LabSat 3 file header broken. 
Bug fix: crash when simulating a GPS+BDS LabSat 3 scenario. 
Bug fix: all output files (except 3-constellation LabSat 3 files) were suffering from a minor glitch - 1 in 32 output samples on average had wrong value.
Bug fix: on some machines the progress bar was occasionally going back and forth.  
Bug fix: crash when satellite number 1 was missing from the almanac.
Optimization: Cancelling the simulation takes just a few seconds (previously the user had to wait at least 15 seconds).
Feature: "Days" box added in the UI to allow simulations longer than 24 hours.
UI change: the height of the main window has been reduced which means SatGen can now be run on 1024x768 screens.  
Bug fix: setting noise above the default level was still generating default noise.
Feature: Added the latest broadcasted almanac for BeiDou: BDS_20150610.alm.  It is automatically selected for simulations starting on 10.06.2015 or later. 
Feature: The simulation progress window no longer stays on top of other windows.

3.2.3 - June 2015
Support added for BeiDou simulation. 

3.0.20 - February 2015
Bug fix: LabSat1 output was generating unreadable signal. 
Bug fix: "ghost" satellites were appearing when Glonass satellites were manually deleted from the almanac file. 

3.0.19 - February 2015
Bug fix: Elevation mask selected in the UI had no effect on the simulation.
Bug fix: no more problems with manually modified almanac files.
	AGL and YUMA almanac files can now be loaded even if individual satellites have been manually deleted.
	GLONASS simulation no longer crashes when satellites are missing from the almanac.
Bug fix: UI - fixed Google Maps scripting errors.

3.0.17 - February 2015
Final implementation of GPS leap seconds - added information about the leap second which will be added on 30th June 2015.
GLONASS frequency slots are now up to date with recent constellation changes.
Front End change: Addition of VTG strings to NMEA output file.
Bug fix: resolved LabSat 2 GPS Monitor freezing problem. 
Bug fix: problems with SatGen on German operating system.
Feature: ability to manually load separate almanacs for different constellations.
Feature: 2-bit output available for LabSat 2 and 3 when running a single constellation.

3.0.3 - August 2014
Cosmetic changes to Labsat 3 headers.
EGM84 Height geoid Bugfix.
Bug fix for demo mode unexpectedly terminating on certain machines.
Bug fix to resolve issue with Google Earth creating .KML files with unusable dynamics.
SatGen now opens up a folder containing the output file after it has been generated to make it easier for users to locate.
Improvements to dongle detection on remote desktop connections.
LabSat 1 created scenarios now will allow receivers to obtain GPS lock.
NOTE: LabSat 3 units will not play back LabSat 2 GLONASS only scenarios. These will need to be converted to Labsat 3 to play on a Labsat 3.  

3.0.2 - July 2014
Initial Release.